Full Circle

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As many of you noticed our website’s homepage and Instagram include pictures from Tulare, California. Second 2 None was founded in 2014 by Marcus Hinojos in Tulare. Located in the San Joaquin Valley, Tulare is known as an agricultural town filled with farms, dairies and fields. Why start a brand here? Why start a brand AND stay here? These were some of the questions that were asked when the first S2N tees were in production.


Photo by Isaac Miranda   


First thing first, Second 2 None was created for the exact same reason why it shouldn't even exist. There are too many people attempting to start brands. Second 2 None’s goal is to bring something new and authentic to the table. This is exactly what Tulare, CA is missing. For a lack of better words, if you weren't white but were into skating, BMX or hip-hop culture you were pretty much an “in-betweener”.  Sure you had homies that were into the same thing as you but there was nothing local or authentic to look at and that you wanted to be apart of or represent. Kids literally walked around school wearing their family's dairy gear as if it was a flag. Nothing to knock, but we needed something to rep and be proud of.


Marcus Hinojos • Latino Market from Westside Series • Cyanotype• 11''x 17''


This is wear S2N comes in. Like mentioned, S2N is meant to bring something new and authentic to the table (the table being Tulare). S2N is shedding light on those who are proud of were they are from, but not afraid to make moves. This is the same reason why Tulare’s forgotten about subculture is highlighted through our use of visuals and art pieces that include: graffiti, family owned businesses and Tulare’s rich ethnic westside. However, again….. HOWEVER Second 2 None is much bigger than Tulare, Second 2 None is much bigger than clothes. Thank you to everyone who has supported the brand in anyway. Tulare, Southern California……where next?      

                            Photo by Isaac Miranda