Posted by Marcus Hinojos on

      It's nearly impossible to ignore what we are all experiencing around the world right now. It's a weird feeling to say the least. Many of our lives have changed for the time being,from employment to interacting with friends or family. As a brand we take it upon ourselves to bring awareness to current events. At this time it is safe to say opinions are not needed and what really matters is that we are all in this together. 

     The Corona Virus has effected millions around the world. Like briefly mentioned, things have changed for the time being. However, as artists and designers there is only one thing we can do: create. We understand it may not be business as "usual"and even though there may be some uncertainty on when this will pass, there is one thing that can be promised. We will continue to create, collaborate and drop new items. As brand this is the perfect time to show we are much more than clothes. 

     Now is the time to support our local communities and businesses. While we all make this temporary adjustment your favorite small businesses, including Second 2 None kindly ask for your support in any shape or form. 

Stay safe. Stay home. #S2NForever